Compile NME.ndll From Source.

Neko NME now compiles into a single, statically linked ndll (actually, it still uses plugins for mp3 and tiff). This means you can’t use the standard development distributions for building it, so I’ve made some libraries to use. You can download them from [nme-dev-0.3.tgz](/wp-content/uploads/2007/12/nme-dev-0.3.tgz).

To compile, first checkout the svn version as described below, then extract these to create a “thirdparty” directory next to the nekonme-read-only directory. The “NME.sln” project should then refere to the libraries and includes in this thirdparty directory.

This has been build with Visual Studio Express 2005. Currently, this is a windows-only version.

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