Has It Really Been A Year?

Well, one year on and I’ve had some fun, but still no games! The technology side of things has certainly come into focus in the last 12 months. I’ve seen haXe double and redouble performance to become my preferred option for web game development. I’ve been actively working on the NME to get the downloadable side of things going, and I’m almost done (just add one more feature…). Once that is done, I will pull my finger out and actually try to release a game – even if it is a little one.

I’m really enjoying the haXe/flash development, and looking back at my original ideas about trying java, I think I will have to change my game-plan (or “mission statement”) to just look at haXe/as3 based programming. The technology is pretty good these days, so it just comes down to productivity, and having fun.

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